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ERES brings together professionals from different disciplines and people interested in the issues of compulsary displacement, resettlement and management of social impacts. It seeks to promote policies and practices that improve the living conditions of populations residing in the area of influence of projects developed in their territories and of involuntarily displaced people.

What do we do?


How we do it

Strengthen the capacities of governments, institutions, professionals and communities to assess and manage socio-economic impacts caused by planned interventions and to develop and implement resettlement plans to improve the living conditions of displaced people and contribute to sustainable development.  

Promoting knowledge exchange through in-person and web conferences, forums, workshops, seminars, and local, national and international events and publications (books and a web-magazine).

Producing knowledge through systematization and dissemination of cases, as well as supporting  basic and applied research.

Providing training to governments, institutions, companies, organizations, professionals and communities.

Supporting the formulation of local or national policies.

Who are we?

General coordinator

Psychologist and regional development planner with extensive experience in social impact assessment of development projects and resettlement of populations affected by development projects, natural disasters and conflict. She was professor and researcher in several universities of Colombia; Director of Social Development Programs and Resettlement in large projects of Latin American countries. She is a former World Bank staff. Currently, she works as international consultant and trainer on social impact assessment and resettlement.


Academic coordinator

Educator with experience in management and coordination of training and continuing education services, as well as in the instructional design, coordination and implementation of postgraduate educational programs in face-to-face and virtual mode. Interested in design, implementation and research in the field of educational management and the dynamics of educational organizations.


Argentina Coordinator

Architect with over twenty five years of experience in resettlement of people living in extreme poverty, affected by floods. The task carried out for the Government of the Argentine has involved planning and coordination of resettlement through self- assisted construction and mutual aid. . He has a postgraduate degree in Metropolitan Environmental Management from the National University of Buenos Aires.


Honduras Coordinator

Advocate in Public International Law, Master of Science in Projects / ADEN - Senior Management Business School, and Director of Resettlement in the Millennium Challenge Account (MCA - Honduras) / Invest-Honduras. Coordinator for the implementation of the resettlement policies of the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank. He is also a specialist in local resettlement law for various infrastructure projects in Honduras.


Chile Coordinator

Geographer and socio-environmental specialist, graduated in Environmental Management and Qualitative Methods of Social Research. He has more than ten years of experience in socio-environmental assessment of investment projects, citizen engagement, and five years in indigenous consultation. In the public sphere, he was a member of the team that drafted the regulations for the Environmental Impact Assessment System particularly in the areas of impact assessment on the human environment, resettlement, citizen participation and indigenous consultation.


Chile Coordinator

Social Worker, M.A. in Human Settlements and Environment, with extensive experience in social and environmental impact and risk assessment; conflict transformation; resettlement plans; environmental education; citizen participation; indigenous communities and the application of social and environmental international performance standards. She has worked ten years in nongovernmental organizations, five years in the National Environmental Commission and eleven years consulting for public and private sector projects.


Ecuador Coordinator

M.A. in Local Development and Territory at the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences - FLACSO. Studies of Sociology in the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador. Specialization in Local Management for the Development of Urban Popular Habitat. Experience in several Latin American countries in the management of social projects, systematization, research and teaching. Specialist in gender, resettlement, urban management, participation, social housing, public policies and organizational strengthening.



Peru Coordinator

Sociologist, B.A. in Law and Political Science, and postgraduate degrees in the Law of Concessions, Infrastructure, Mining and Environmental Law, Ph. D. in Government and Public Management. She has worked at the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Ministry of Industry and Tourism, the Autonomous Authority of the Electric Train, among others. Currently, she is a consultant with extensive experience in social and environmental matters for the public and private sectors. Founder and manager of LOHV Consultores since 1997, with experience in more than one hundred projects.




Nicaragua Coordinator

Graduated in Social Work from the Universidad Centralamericana (UCA) and a Master's degree in Project Management. 16 years as a consultant  in the social area and 11 years in the application of policies of Resettlement and Indigenous Peoples under the standards of International Organizations and Human Rights in public and private projects in Central America.




Architect with studies in anthropology and social research techniques. Extensive training in watershed management, land planning, disaster risk management. Former Deputy Minister of Housing, Territorial Planning and Environment of Uruguay. More than 10 years of experience in the coordination of inter-institutional projects involving participatory processes in the territory. She currently works as a consultant on issues related to sustainable development and disaster risk management for various international organizations, universities and civil society organizations.



Architect, specialist in Design Project Management, master candidate in Strategies for Local Development. 16 years of experience as an independent consultant in planning development processes with national, regional and local actors in Colombia and others countries in South America, seeking to define strategies based on the context for complex planning situations. She worked in public and private sector, NGOs (colombian and international), and academia, which has allowed her to understand the interests of different actors in order to focus their capacities towards development processes. From the practice, she specializes in the main areas: disaster risk management and population resettlement within the framework of local and regional planning processes.





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