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Web Meetings ERES

Web Meetings ERES is a series of free access video conferences that have the purpose of disseminating presentations, experiences and other knowledge by ERES staff and special guests. Each month, we are holding a meeting through our YouTube channel. You can also find the compilation of the Web Meetings on our website.


Do you want to exchange your experiences in our web meetings?

We invite all persons interested in delivering a presentation to send us a short note explaining the project or topic to be presented by June 30, 2017. Once we have received the proposals, we will send the web meetings schedule for this year.

Please send your proposal and your contact information to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


What do we offer?

ERES will organize courses based on our core areas (virtual and in-person).

ERES is also organizing online videoconferences that can be freely accessed, which we are calling "web meetings”. In these sessions, practitioners will present cases, which will allow us to learn from experiences in the field. Theoretical and methodological presentations are also welcome.

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